Ask Garden of Healing: What Natural Product, Protocol or Herb Can Help Boost My Estrogen, Testosterone, or Progesterone?


What natural products does Garden of Healing recommend to balance or increase levels of specific hormones?


Question from: Barbara Lang, Cornerstone, TN 

What hormone-regulating herbs or natural products can I use to balance my endocrine system? Is it exercise I need? Avoiding sugar? Managing stress, or can I eat certain foods like fatty fish?


Hormones are complex and sophisticated. It’s not a question of needing to increase a specific hormone to balance its levels in your body. Hormones are like a choir inside you. If one singer is off-key, then the entire performance will suffer.

There are many factors involved in safely and effectively balancing your hormones. Imbalances of the endocrine system are linked to a host of health issues. The big ones are cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, dementia, and depression. It is wise to be concerned with keeping your hormones balanced.

Everyone in the choir needs to be signing the same song, all in unison, to keep the endocrine system in tune. Finding a qualified naturopathic doctor is an excellent place to start finding effective natural products and the right course of action.

Environmental pollutants in our waters and air cause diseases that stem from hormonal imbalances. Our modern diet is lacking nutritionally and is often chocked full of sugars. These factors result in many of the discomforts you experience.

A naturopath can help reset your hormonal imbalances by focusing on your digestive, endocrine, and nervous systems. Your doctor can steer you to the right supplements, foods, and herbs to tune up these vital interwoven systems. Other wellness professionals in Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), functional medicine, and allopathic medicine can help you make needed changes. 

It would be nice to simply rattle off a list of products, but you need the guidance of a professional who has studied herbs and hormone-balancing foods and supplements, etc.



Food as Medicine

On the food-as-medicine front, pay attention to your microbiome. Stimulate your taste buds with all kinds of plant-based foods. Your digestive system, hormones, liver, and gallbladder will thank you with proper functioning.

Look for eggs that are omega-3 fortified. Use extra-virgin olive oil for cooking. Eat oily fish or take fish oil supplements with omega-3’s. The best source of omega-3’s is the fat of cold-water fish such as black cod, salmon, sardines, herring, and mackerel.


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Eat nutrient-dense meals with fruits and vegetables of every color. Check our selection of recipes specifically geared toward hormone balancing.



And consult our Doctor Referral Listings to find a Naturopath or Chinese medicine doctor near you.

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Best of luck hunting down a protocol designed especially for you and your specific conditions.



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