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 Find the best health and nutrition information with an added twist—an expanded version, let’s say.

Begin by understanding your body as a collective of energetic aspects. * You are a mere strand of light set in motion in an intricate web of existence. A dancing string of radiant energy twisting about and ready for sudden, significant change.

We help you consider food, nutrition, and health from a more holistic perspective—an expanded one that includes body, mind, and spirit.

You can find ideas here that promote healthy eating, including nutritious recipes, diverse, healthy diets, the many benefits of different foods, and a completely new understanding of who you are in the greater Universe.


An Energy System ~ Circuitry of Energy Threads *

You are a circuit of interwoven strings of energy interlaced throughout every part of your body. The collective of your being comprises connection, imagination, expression, love, mind, emotions, and the physical body.

Addressing all parts of yourself, instead of a single symptom, helps to cut right to your core to elicit true healing. To take holism into consideration requires blending our new-world science with an old-world knowledge of multiple healing approaches to help you feel your best.


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Healthy Eating

Look to Holistic Nutrition and Proper Digestion to Improve Mood, Energy Levels, and Mental Health



Diversity is Key with Plant-Based Diets


Vitamins & Supplements

Women & Bone Health: Supplementation with Calcium, Vitamin D, And Other Nutrients Is Essential


Use of Foods as Medicine

Three Simple, Natural Foods that Heal Your Gut Microbiome


Healthy Recipes

Lebanese Garlic Sauce, Garlic Toum, is Versatile, Rich & Vegetarian 


Latest Articles

Can Seaweeds Rescue a Gluttonous Planet? The Interest in Harvesting Sea Vegetables Has Burgeoned


The Latest - What’s New?

What are Spore-Based Probiotics?


In Season: Using the Best Produce

Your Body Loves the Gut-friendly Tomato


Recipes for Specific Conditions

Nourishing Detoxifying Parsnip and Cauliflower Soup


Columns ~ Supplemental View

The Lactoferrin Phenomenon ~ A Miracle Molecule found in Mother’s Milk, Supports Immune System & Gastrointestinal Health





How Does It All Come About?

The harmony, the splendor, the beauty, the intricacies and synchronicities, and the staggering perfection?

Start with Garden of Healing, nourishing yourself in everything you do - work from the inside and from there, the possibilities are endless. Health, happiness, home and family, fitness, and abundance will follow.


At Garden of Healing, we embrace these simple and enduring ideas: food is medicine, everything starts in the kitchen, home is where the heart is, family is everything, movement matters, performance empowers, success means abundance, and sustainability is key.


Unleash the power of your body to bring mastery of your mind and serenity to your soul.





Health & Wellness | Food & Nutrition

Our bodies were designed to exist with nature, so things come naturally to you: healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss.


When healthy home cooking does not happen as it should, Garden of Healing provides immune-supporting, heart-healthy, and muscle-building supplements, and natural foods. Our products can be a helpful addition to all diets, and can ensure that any nutrient gaps will be filled to keep bodies strong and healthy.


Become your own wellness detective with a personal vision that includes delicious foods, fitness, freedom from unhealthy habits, and good nutrition with our line-up of products.

Feeling good is the path to well-being. Take a holistic approach to life. Create a healthy, happy home and know the love of family. Attract success and abundance with Garden of Healing. We are here for your family, lifestyle, and self-care journey.


Garden of Healing

Achieve your goals easier than ever before!

We offer a wide range of products and services to assist you on your journey to vibrant health.







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