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Lavender Essential Oil Will Relax You and Offer a Good Night's Rest


Culinary History: The Etymology of Garden Rocket, Rocket Salad, and Arugula


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Dr. Kristen Lindgren, Functional Medicine

Dr. Kristen Lindgren, MD, ABAARM, FAARFM, specializes in treating hormone imbalances, thyroid disorders, adrenal dysfunction, fatigue and pain syndromes, weight loss, and autoimmunity.


Dr. Sean C. Duffy, D.C., Chiropractor

Dr. Sean Duffy, D.C. performs a variety of chiropractic adjustment procedures. He provides management of neuromuscular conditions like back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and muscular pain. He offers clinical examinations and x-rays for diagnosis.


Megan Bartelt L.Ac., MSOM, Dipl. Ac.

Megan Bartelt's specialization, education, and experience deals with Women's Health, fertility, and issues relating to pregnancy. She also treats auto-immune disorders, addiction, stress, anxiety and depression, and neurodegenerative disorders.


"To me there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet as their clear and ringing laughter."

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Recent Articles ~ Food as Medicine

Food is Morally Neutral: Disordered Eating & Intuitive Eating

When we intentionally or unintentionally categorize food as "good" or "bad," we assign moral value to it. No single food holds superior nutritional or moral value over another.


Elecampane Root works quickly on Chronic Congestion in the Cold of Winter

Elecampane root has a sharp and cooling aromatic scent sure to assault the nose. It is taken for its antiviral activity, bolstering the body against germs and inflammation.


Cactus Pear is used in Traditional Medicine to Combat Diabetes

The cactus plant contains bioactive molecules known for their health-related properties. Nutritionally rich prickly pears correlate to a reduced risk of diseases associated with diabetes, cancer, and even neurodegenerative diseases.


Grow Fresh Veggies Year-Round in Your House with OGarden Smart

Grow Fresh Veggies Year-Round in Your House with OGarden Smart

Featured Recipes

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Honey Glaze

This tasty, heart-healthy dish will delight your tastebuds. Roasted Brussels sprouts paired with red grapes and honey-balsamic sauce yields unique flavor and tanginess to this dish.

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Homemade Applesauce with Elderberry Syrup

Homemade applesauce is delightful, and it tastes even better with Elderberry syrup. This simple recipe is a way to incorporate elderberries into everyday foods.

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Red Rice Bowl with Fennel and Root Vegetables (Vegan)

Red rice is nutty and complex, making this a hearty dish served with roasted fennel and root vegetables. Use any root vegetable found in your refrigerator crisper.

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