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We must first connect to The Whole, the One-Source, its Stream, and your own vital force, Qi.

And this connection can only be accomplished through positive awareness imbued with love. People standing together – you returning to your crowd – is where you will find the benefits of this great belonging.


Nature is another name for Health, and Gardens are where messages of hope and healing emanate to lift you up.


The Essence of Being

Gardening allows you to float, leaving the self behind, and achieving self-enhancement in a state of self-conscious-lessness. Through growing plants, their fruits and flowers, you can experience an intense form of being and feel part of something more momentous and complete.

Through gardening and other activities and the attending feelings flowing through your body, you find the meaning of human life and the value of your own life.

Refuge, recovery, meditation, reflection, therapeutic fragrances stimulating scent memories, greenery, and flowers triggering positive emotions can be found in Nature, gardens, and healing gardens.


Find a special garden and make it all your own, be it a wellness, restorative, or enabling garden. They can be discovered in many public, hospital, and home environments.

Honoring the Divine in Nature transcends the ego and allows you to reach out and connect with your fellow human beings.



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The True Self - The Big Life

God is the One, the Source, the Universe, that connects all things, one to another. People grow when they are well-loved, which happens through positive connections, one heart beating with another.

One-Source is expanding into greater capacities of love because Man is living and exploring everywhere on the leading edge and then daring to go beyond, birthing everything new and fresh.



Engage Your Senses

Humans have an ancient bond with Nature, an inherent love of the natural world, and a fondness for animals. Focusing on anything causes your understanding to expand, and the natural world holds much to be discovered.

Sitting under a majestic oak tree high on a ridge—any tree, but especially an oak—will show you how the spirits of loved ones live on, and that your presence, as directed by the Universe, is your true Nature.

While soaking up the sun, turn your head, see things with new eyes, and notice the soil that started it all. There, you will find a garden where everything, every seed, begins its timeless journey. Know that nothing is one-dimensional and taking in Nature is far from ordinary. Nature is sacred, and all things in Nature are your companions. They reveal eternal, universal truths and provide your life with meaning and value, which is what all humans crave.

The mighty oak tree shows us actual growth in action. Deep roots planted firmly in the earth, a strong core standing upright and tall, and flourishes reaching toward the sun and moving up to the Heavens.

Taking in the essence of a garden full of eagerly growing plants and flowers, surrounded and protected by towering trees, this is your little piece of Heaven, all magical. You do not have to look far to find serenity and be at peace.


In the sum of the parts, there are only the parts. The world must be measured by the eye. ~ Wallace Stevens




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Healing toward Wholeness



Follow Nature… wherever She may lead You


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