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Healthcare offers professions where you help and care for people, where what you do is fulfilling and gives back to your community. Whatever path brought you here, rest assured that a career in natural health will be rewarding and life enhancing.

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We encourage submissions which promote gainful employment in a variety of professions in natural healthcare. Search for careers or jobs by profession or location in all 50 states. Submit job postings, office space rentals or advertisements to buy or sell a practice. Any posting is only $12 for one full year*


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Healthcare is one of the "largest and fastest-growing industries in the world," with the U.S. leading with nearly 800,000 healthcare companies. In such a competitive job market, finding top-quality candidates can be challenging.

Our healthcare job posting platform, HealthWorks, offers employers & recruiters an easy and convenient way to reach out to potential employees. Posting your advertisement for in-demand healthcare jobs will help you hire staff faster. 

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HealthWorks, located in Wisconsin, provides practicing natural medicine physicians, doctors, and wellness practitioner data services to aid in-house healthcare staffing professionals.

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