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Our Policy – Reviews, Ratings & Testimonials

In the interest of transparency, we do not use incentives to influence reviews by any party. We follow strict privacy policies, and we never link to a review unless it has been shared publicly by the reviewer.

Over 70% of consumers say they look at product reviews, ratings, and testimonials before making a purchase. Social proof reassures hesitant shoppers, provides additional context, and ensures buyers are satisfied with their purchase.


Customer Reviews

Feel free to submit reviews for items found on Garden of We encourage you to share your opinions, no matter whether favorable or unfavorable.

Customer Reviews help our audience to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for their uses.

Customer Reviews should give readers genuine product feedback from fellow shoppers. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any review designed to mislead or manipulate customers.

We don't allow anyone to write reviews as a form of promotion.


These are the types of reviews that we don't allow and will remove:

  • A review by the product manufacturer, posing as an unbiased shopper.
  • A review by someone perceived to have a close personal relationship with the product's owner, author, or artist.
  • A review by someone who has a direct or indirect financial interest in the product.
  • A negative review from a seller on a competitor's product.
  • A review in exchange for monetary reward.
  • Multiple negative reviews for the same product from one customer.
  • We follow a “sentiment check” review policy. This means that when we ask our customers for reviews, we will not first ask them if they had a positive or negative experience.


People use our site to research products by way of customer reviews. Garden of is used as a search source when other sites don’t include enough information for shoppers to make an educated decision.




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