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When your loved one is facing challenging healthcare decisions, especially cancer, surgery, or pregnancy, a patient advocate can reduce the stress and fear during this emotional time.


Managing healthcare is complex, time-consuming, and costly. A board-certified patient advocate, be it a baby nurse, a patient representative, a doctor, case manager, or experienced caregiver works to empower patients whether in the home or in hospital. Your advocate’s sole concern is to put your best interests first and to help your family navigate the healthcare system. This might include explaining procedures, drugs, treatments, and handling patient bills and claims, and health insurance needs. Finding funds through foundations and hospitals is another responsibility your professional advocate will take on.


Family caregivers can often become overwhelmed, exhausted, and understandably resentful. An advocate will reduce these stresses by doing research and providing information, guiding decisions, answering questions, and posing solutions. An independent patient advocate is not beholden to anyone but you. She/he is not employed by a hospital or insurance company so hiring an advocate is solely your decision. Note that patient advocates are not covered by insurance.

Let a Garden of Healing patient advocate present you with the important details and medical options needed so that you and family caregivers can make informed choices. We can guide you through the selection process which typically consists of a short telephone conversation and a subsequent longer meeting to answer all your questions.




Without a professional patient advocate, the responsibilities of navigation, coordination, and oversight, and other aspects of care will fall to the family. An advocate will ensure the best outcomes and solve many of your worries. 




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