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Here are a few Apps we love and recommend




Planta: Never kill a plant again!

Individual care schedule and reminders for your plants, recommendations, step by step guides, identification, light meter and more. Keep your plants alive with Planta!




Garden of Healing | Animated Sticker Messages App

Lift the spirits of a loved one who needs encouragement with these Garden of Healing - Animated Sticker Messages.

In times of pain or immobility we especially need a pick-me-up from someone close. This animated sticker pack offers a wide variety of messages that will make your loved one smile and perhaps take their mind off current circumstances.

Only for iMessage | $1.99

Christian Baloga





Chopra App

Self-care simplified

Access expert knowledge in one, easy to use app. Whether you’re new to meditation or you’re an advanced practitioner, find your peace on a path that suits you.




Calm is the #1 app for sleep and meditation.

Discover a happier, healthier you through meditations, Sleep Stories, music, and more. The app was released in 2012 and boasts 40,000 new users daily. It was Apple’s choice for app of the year.

Calm is all about relaxing visuals and sounds (which can be adjusted to wood in the fireplace, flowing waters, evening crickets and more) to calm you down, and a choice of three tabs: music, meditate and sleep. 



Introducing Vera by Bloomscape  The App that Helps You and Your Plants Thrive 

  • Upload photos of your plants as you watch them grow
  • Create profiles for your plants with their name, picture, and the date you added them to your family
  • Set schedules and get reminders to care for your plants when they need it — no more forgetting to water!
  • Log activities with your plant family, like the last time you repotted, your daily misting, or whenever you sing to them
  • Journal away when you’re excited about a new sprouting leaf








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