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Naturopathy and Holistic Nutrition

Your naturopath will continually remind you that holistic nutrition is about the individual. However, we all have different strengths, weaknesses, and lifestyle needs that require different approaches

By Mark Zuleger-Thyss



We know that nutritionally balanced food can be delicious as well as nourishing. Naturopaths are well suited to help with diseases caused by the lack of good nutrition. They know what to eat to help treat the causes of illness, foods we should consume every day, and which ones to avoid.


Holistic Nutrition is based on the Principle of Holism

The basic idea is that parts of a whole system are interconnected. When it comes to health, “holistic anything” typically refers to the belief that you need to look at the whole as an interconnected person. Holistic nutrition is the process of taking food into the body and absorbing the nutrients in those foods based on the principle that everything is connected in some way.

When a doctor tells you to change your nutrition, you might think they are talking about diet and fitness. Holism is about ALL the factors affecting our ability to make and sustain healthy habits. Many factors can thwart our attempts to change our lives. These include gender, being overweight, lack of ease with moving our bodies, low budgets, poor mental states, etc.

Holistic nutrition is a formulated approach to meet a patient’s needs. For example, your doctor will select a specific diet and lifestyle plan that considers your individual goals, medical condition(s), or injuries.



Food is the Best Medicine

Many medical conditions can be treated more effectively with foods and nutritional supplements than they can by other means, with fewer complications and side effects. Naturopaths will guide you towards a whole foods diet full of color and variety.


Science and Holistic Nutrition

Naturopathic medicine addresses the root causes of disease and poor health rather than treating the symptoms.

Naturopathic medicine’s origins are in the nature cure movement of the 19th century. The earliest doctors used herbs, food, water, fasting, and tissue manipulation to restore the body to health. Today’s naturopathic doctors combine the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern science.

Naturopaths know about health and disease, both traditional and holistic, and which whole foods, herbs, and spices have been scientifically proven to reverse disease. They know about basic anatomy and physiology, having studied each body system and how they interrelate.

Your gut, for example, plays a fundamental role in your overall health because everything you eat, digest, and absorb literally becomes who you are.

Holistic nutrition requires a whole-life approach. Followers are concerned about when and where they eat, where food comes from, and what their food ate. Holistic nutrition might also include a specific cultural philosophy like Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Naturopathic Nutrition incorporates respect for the traditional naturopathic approach to nutritional therapy and recognizes:


Individuals have a unique interaction with nutrients
Food selection, preparation, and eating is a healing art
Whole foods are greater than the sum of their parts




Your naturopath will design a personalized diet and lifestyle program that optimizes health.

She will make recommendations such as dietary and lifestyle changes, therapeutic exercise, herbs or supplements, or hydrotherapy techniques – preferably in cooperation with your primary care provider.

They will consider ancestral foods, raw foods, cleansing, vegetarianism, or anti-inflammatory foods, for example. They will continually remind you that holistic nutrition is individual. We all have different strengths, weaknesses, and lifestyle needs that require different approaches.



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