Our Top Pick | The Best Cutting Board



Our Top Pick | The Best Cutting Board

A good cutting board is essential in any kitchen. Above all, it should be large, providing ample space for carving or chopping, and relatively easy to care for.

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With more than 125 hours of research interviewing chefs and materials experts, chopping abundant amounts of produce, and using and mistreating over 25 cutting boards to reach our conclusion - the choice was clear.



The OXO Good Grips Carving and Cutting Board is the standout. For those who want a plastic board, OXO makes the best one. 

This plastic board resists warping, staining, and odors better than the other plastic boards we tested. The rubber feet keep it stationary, and the juice groove does an excellent job collecting liquids.

OXO’s board feels good under a knife, and it stood up to countless sharp cuts, dark stains, and strong odors better than the competition.


Here is how we evaluated the options: 


Testing in the Kitchen

To see how our recommended cutting boards hold up over time, we’ve been long-term-testing them in our home kitchens for several years.



We’ve tested over 30 boards made from various materials, including wood, plastic, composite, and rubber; we like wood and plastic best.


Size and Thickness 

Small boards can feel cramped. And wooden boards under 1.5-inches thick are more likely to warp, so we avoided those.


Juice Canal

We preferred boards with a juice canal on one side, to catch meat drippings or the juice from a ripe, plump tomato.





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