The Gardyn Home Kit 3.0 for Home-grown Produce



The Gardyn Home Kit 3.0 for Home-grown Produce

With the launch of Gardyn Home 3.0, Gardyn utilizes its award-winning technology and takes it to the next level. 

By Mark Zuleger-Thyss



If you've kept gardening on your bucket list but hesitated because you live in a condo with no yard space, the Gardyn Kit is perfect for you and your family.

Gardyn is an indoor, smart hydroponic system that grows fresh produce quickly. It's an AI-enabled garden and can be your new companion for cultivating home-grown produce. At year's end 2022, Gardyn came out with its latest home garden kit, the Gardyn Home 3.0.



Who wouldn't want a timeless design in their home? Elegance, sophistication, and a sense of luxury, all while keeping the practicality and functionality of each piece of furniture. Nothing is more timeless, refreshing - and practical - than nature in your midst, especially if it's an indoor hydroponic system.

You can now bring Biophilic design ideas into your living spaces. And nothing accomplishes this better than a Gardyn Kit for growing fresh produce in or near your kitchen. 

Many condo and loft dwellers have discovered that a tranquil atmosphere in their living room can be created using a hydroponic gardening system.

If you love plants, flowers, and food, check out the Gardyn Home 3.0. It is not only beautiful, but it grows continuous amounts of fresh, organic greens, too. You can finally have fresh salads daily, grow never-ending basil and mint, and have enough dill to bring cucumber salads back in style.


Better known as a hydroponic indoor gardening system, Gardyn's technology recirculates water in a closed loop, significantly reducing water usage.

Gardyn's website offers three options for purchase: the Starter Kit, Starter Kit + One-Year Membership, and the Starter Kit + Two-Year Membership.

The latter two options include a subscription to the optional Kelby growing assistant app.Each starter set comes with 30 free plant yCubes so you can start growing immediately.





Choose from three pre-pack options:

  • Bounty of Greens: Breen, Kale, Basil, Butterhead (x2), Dill, Buttercrunch (x2), Green Mustard, Arugula 
  • Taste the Senses: Mini Cauliflower (x2), Snapdragon, Sunflower (x2), Red Tatsoi, Purple Kohlrabi, Hon Tsai Tai (x2), Dill 
  • Winter Wellness: Bok Choy, Chamomile, Fiesta Gitana, Holy Basil, Chervil, Wheatgrass (x2), Bull's Blood (x2), Red Sorrel



The Gardyn Home Starter Kit has a base and three columns, into which you can pop the seed pods called "yCubes." Start by opting for the standard assortment of seeds: butterhead lettuce, basil, cherry tomatoes, green mustard, and cardinale lettuce. For refills, you can select from other seeds you like.

The base houses a six-gallon water reservoir and a pump that brings water to the seeds in the yCubes.

If you have sunlight limitations, Gardyn solves this, too. The kit includes two poles projecting out of the base with LED grow lights that generate simulated sunlight to aid your plants' growth.

The Gardyn system is easy to assemble and clean, durable, and provides smart gardening indoors.

Imagine your next dinner party serving tasty, fresh home-grown produce while conversation revolves around the newest focal point in your home, the Gardyn.


Grow Your Gardyn with or without a Membership

With no membership, you still have access and control of your Gardyn device through the app, and you can always order additional yCube plants a la carte for $4.99. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial in the Gardyn App when you set up your device.


With Gardyn's membership, you get:

Memberships help you get the most out of the Gardyn experience while enjoying unique and exclusive benefits. With all that membership offers, you can grow confidently, regardless of your experience level.


Gardyn currently offers three types of membership plans: Monthly, 1-year, or 2-year. The longer the plan, the more you save. 




Gardyn 3.0 starts at $899, generally priced at $999

Gardyn 3.0 builds upon Gardyn's breakthrough technologies, engineered to the next level for faster assembly, easy cleaning, and more durability. The only AI-powered indoor garden built to grow 30 plants year-round. 


Gardyn Home Device 3.0 

  • New modern design with Plug N Play assembly, no tools required.
  • Fully automated intelligent vertical growing system.
  • Hybriponic™ technology allows for the highest plant density - grow 30 plants at once in 2 sq. ft. 
  • Full spectrum LED lights accelerate plant growth.
  • Multiple cameras and sensors for 24/7 plant monitoring and optimization.
  • A 5+ gallon tank ensures minimal care, and no waterline is required.


In-App Device Control

Basic Features:

  • Adjust light and water schedule to fit your lifestyle
  • Easily reorder plants in just a few taps
  • Help center articles at your fingertips


Membership Premium Features: 

  • AI-based 24/7 monitoring of your plants for optimal growth 
  • Timelapse view
  • Vacation Mode™ and more 





Gardyn is a company that envisions a world where communities grow their food from the highest quality seeds - and there's no doubt they are doing just that.

The company is proud of contributing to its community, helping the environment, and doing so with new products and plants.

Found on the brand's website:


"At Gardyn, we want to imagine a world where communities grow their food from the highest quality seeds, 100% pesticide-free, full of nutrients, and grown sustainably to have no environmental impact – and we're doing it."





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