In Tune with Nature ~ Alone in the Garden with a New Set of 'Helping Hands'



In Tune with Nature ~ Alone in the Garden with Your New Set of 'Helping Hands'

On your knees with a gardening trowel in your hand, you can hear birds as they sing, dashing from bush to vine to tree, heartening you to enjoy yourself while tilling the soil.



Let Nature be your medium!

Some artists work with watercolors and canvas - and others use garden tools to indulge their passion for vegetable gardening.




As the world noisily swirls outside your garden, inside, you can capture quietude even amidst the subtle sounds of Nature.

Cooks use knives, pots, and pans like gardeners use their own set of special accoutrements. The better they are, the more you want to use them. For devoted gardeners who deserve the best, good gear is an investment that will last a lifetime. Good quality tools will inspire you to dash out and get into your garden. Think of them as an additional set of 'helping hands.'

At some point, while picking tomatoes and zucchini, your hands can become so chock-full of produce that an oversized T-shirt becomes indispensable. But consider upgrading to a Harvest basket from Prairieland Design and your produce transport hurtles are over.


A good harvest basket plays a valuable role in gardening tasks—holding all the delicious food you grew.

The attention a Prairieland basket will get shows that it can also be something more. A beautiful harvest basket elevates a chore to an experience.

There are three types of baskets that meet most gardeners' requirements: the right-sized carry-all, the garden trug, and the garden hod.

Clam diggers initially used garden hods to hold and quickly rinse their catch. They make elegant and convenient gathering baskets for cut flowers and garden harvests. The best hods are cedar or maple and feature food-grade, vinyl-covered mesh along the bottom and sides for easy vegetable cleaning.



A gardener's tote from Prairieland Design (Maple Plain, MN) is made from metal mesh and cedar, and it will make carrying garden produce a snap!

Cathy & Steve, owners of Prairieland, have perfected their baskets to allow rinsing off dirt with a garden hose well before getting anywhere near the house. Wash your beets, carrots, and lettuce in the handy basket.

These unique and beautiful baskets are versatile enough for the garden, chicken coup, craft room, and kitchen. The wood baskets' unique design, style, and functionality will also capture your attention and that of your friends and neighbors.

Prairieland Design expanded its range of products to include entry organizers, coat racks, and ledge shelves, all crafted with the same commitment to quality, modern design, and a polished finish.

A good harvest basket will inspire you to dash outside daily to tend vegetables and snip some herbs for dinner. When you grip the handle of the right basket, you should be inspired to get moving. 



Some artists work with watercolors and canvas - and others use garden tools.

If you, too, are an avid gardener, invest in the best gear. A Prairieland Design Harvest basket will last a lifetime and encourage you to venture out to the garden more often.

Cathy & Steve, owners of Prairieland Design, have perfected their baskets to allow rinsing dirt off with the garden hose well before stepping into the house.



Quality tools make gardening more enjoyable and less tiresome.

Isn't it worthwhile having tools that work as hard as you do?





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