You Are Not Difficult




You Are Not Difficult

Rightness Expert and Certified Coach, Ana Del Castillo, works with people who have it all but consistently feel like there’s something wrong.

By Ana Del Castillo, Empowerment Coach

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You Are Not Difficult

Advocating for yourself is not ever you being difficult.

You are not a pain in the ass. Please stop thinking of yourself like that.



You are not bothersome. Please stop apologizing for that.

You are not crazy. Please stop agreeing with people who don’t understand you.

All these things have been conditioned into you.

Think about it. Difficult to who? Pain in the ass to who? Bothersome to who? Crazy to who?

Again, you advocating for yourself is not you being difficult.


       You are allowed to disagree.

       You are allowed to express discomfort.

       You are allowed to have feelings that are complicated.

       You are allowed to take up space.

       You are allowed to hold the truth that who you are is exactly enough.

       You are allowed to voice your thoughts and your feelings.

       You are allowed to change your mind.


Because once you start arguing about your feelings (to anyone) the conversation is over. You are now hustling and defending who you are and for your own validity.

And there is no reason to hustle for a smidgen of what fundamentally already belongs to you.

Please don’t do that. Please don’t ever do that.




About Ana Del Castillo

I am a women’s Rightness Expert and Certified Empowerment Coach with over 20 years of experience. My passion is galvanizing women to get off the painful treadmill of needing to ‘do life right’ to fix what’s wrong so they can discover the freedom of their inherent rightness, no matter the circumstances or events of their lives.


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