The Future of Medical Tourism is Now



Future of Medical Tourism is Now

Patients can now once again take part in medical tourism after a downturn due to the COVID pandemic. Innovative and sophisticated players are again entering the market offering a wealth of new options.




Medical tourism is international travel to receive medical care. This specialized type of tourism is a worldwide, multibillion-dollar market that continues to grow with the rising globalization of health care.



Tourists pursue medical care abroad for various reasons, including decreased cost, recommendations from friends or family, or the opportunity to combine medical care with a vacation destination. The data indicate that millions of U.S. residents travel internationally for medical care annually.

Patients might also want to receive care from a provider with the same cultural orientation. Then they might require a procedure or therapy unavailable in their country of residence.

The COVID pandemic has served as a global reset for medical tourism, and not all old players have returned to the game.

New entrants bring significant investments, fresh strategies, and novel ways of thinking. For example, it's invigorating to see industry veterans coming out of hibernation, investing, and expanding their businesses.


When did you last evaluate the opportunities to travel for medical care?


Healthcare consumers seek exceptional experiences and trustworthy providers. Garden of Healing understands these opportunities, and we are here to help you be successful in your choices.



Medical tourism destinations for U.S. residents include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Germany, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Singapore, and Thailand.

Most medical tourists pay for their care during the period of service and often rely on private companies or medical concierge services to identify foreign healthcare facilities. Some U.S. health insurance companies and large employers have alliances with healthcare facilities outside the United States to control costs.


We look forward to assisting you in participating should the need arise.





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