Herbal Roots | Oregano Supports a Healthy Immune System


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Herbal Roots | Oregano Supports a Healthy Immune System

Has anti-microbial properties. Oregano oil also contains phytochemicals which support the body's natural resistance. Recent studies show oregano oil promotes healthy digestive function by promoting healthy intestinal flora.

Oil of Oregano Capsules, 150 mg; $24.99


Herbal Roots

There is a problem in supplements world; a hard time finding supplements that are 100% pure, that used the whole herb and that don’t add unnecessary ingredients like fillers, sugar, additives, and binders.

Herbal Roots supplements undergo a multitude of steps to ensure they are high-quality products that are effective. The oregano oil supplement is made in the USA and is manufactured at a certified Good Manufacturing Practices facility. Each batch is independently tested for quality to ensure every bottle meets our quality standards.