PowerHeal’s Revolutionary Technology harnesses the Power of Electricity

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Experience the PowerHeal™ difference!

PowerHeal bandages harness the power of electricity to help your wound heal quickly, safely, and naturally - it does more than just cover a wound, it helps heal it!



2-3x faster healing - Speeds cell activity and maintains moisture.


PowerHeal Antibacterial, Bioelectric Bandage Kit – available with or without Adhesive

Introducing PowerHeal, the world's only bioelectric bandage!

A single-layer Bioelectric Bandage with a 3M Tegaderm™ +Pad included for convenience. It locks in wound moisture, protects against bacteria, and speeds healing.


Each PowerHeal™ bandage is embedded with moisture-activated microcell batteries.


When you apply PowerHeal™ bandage on your skin, it starts by creating an advantageous and essential moist wound environment, and adds critical antibacterial protection along with added electrical support to enhance your skin's natural healing process.

Microcell battery-embedded bandages are designed for a wide variety of wounds—from cuts, scrapes, abrasions, irritations, to blisters, and more.

Made in the USA | Tempe, AZ | 85288, USA.




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