Selenium Liquid Concentrate by Triquetra Health



Ionic Selenium Liquid Concentrate (L-selenomethionine Form) by Triquetra Health 



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Here is a supplement women don’t often think about, but which is essential, Selenium. I recommend this brand and first purchased it about a year ago. It's a highly bioavailable form of Selenium, made from L-Selenomethionine, in a liquid concentrate, and it delivers protection against harmful and mutating cells.

I am adding this product to MyFeed to remind myself to buy it again. This 2 oz bottle contains 300 servings, and for around $19.00, it’s a great bargain. As Garden of Healing specializes in immunity issues, I am hoping they will take a hint and add it to their online store at an even better price. Are you listening, GoH?



Selenium is a crucial trace mineral that can be deficient in our diets. Triquetra’s formulation is derived from the most effective L-selenomethionine form.

Add a few drops to any beverage or meal for rapid nourishment.

This essential mineral plays a role in a multitude of bodily functions. It is a potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger that boosts immunity and keeps the body strong against illness.

It is also shown to influence inflammation and increased glutathione levels – an essential nutrient within the body.