Academy Healing Nutrition


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Academy Healing Nutrition

Academy Healing Nutrition is a school of Food as Medicine pioneering new frontiers in Healing Nutrition.


See lineup of courses | AHN takes a global approach to holistic healing.

By drawing on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist tonic herbalism, Ayurveda, Blue Zone diets, and modern nutritional breakthroughs, the Academy provides an in-depth and flexible approach focused on an individual’s constitutional and health needs. We aim to get you in touch with your own healing ability, intuition and wisdom through a combination of both theory and practical courses.

The academy was established by holistic health pioneer Roger Green over 40 years ago. Through lively seminars, virtual cook-alongs, and practical bodywork classes, we create a fun, hands-on forum for experiencing the healing effects of the Longevity Diet principles across several platforms: sensorial, emotional, intellectual, and social. 

Life is a transformative process— 

a process of cultivation, experience and refinement. When we learn new ideas with practical applications, they gradually replace the negative patterns that previously led to illness and separation from the flow of life.