Franchise a Garden of Healing Wellness Business



Franchise a Garden of Healing Wellness Business

Garden of Healing LLC offers business owners a platform that empowers them to lead within the billion-dollar wellness & recovery industry. Our business model is designed so our franchisees can develop a concept to bring to their marketplace and achieve success. 

Create a business opportunity that is simple to run and lucrative in performance, scaling quickly for a fast ROI.

A Garden of Healing franchise could take many forms:


  • A yoga studio that also offers massage services.
  • A nutrition consulting business.
  • A wellness studio offering sauna, float therapy, and massage services.
  • An exercise studio with equipment and nutritional consultants.
  • An integrative and functional wellness clinic.
  • A holistic health business that offers Acupuncture, Chiropractic, or Reiki.
  • A holistic health and wellness center with psychologists offering support for a patient’s journey to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  • An herbal products business for flower essences and aromatherapy products.
  • A health store for vitamins & nutritional supplements.








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